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Your Employee Benefits Partner

Our passion is to help your company offer better employee benefit plans. Let Carolina Benefit Consultants become an extension of your team, and we’ll show you the difference our expertise can make. 

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Carolina Benefit Consultants

Full-service business health insurance & employee benefit plans

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Our Mission

Carolina Benefits Consultants strives to exceed our clients’ expectations by meeting their benefit and service needs through outstanding customer support and attention to detail.

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Carolina Benefit Consultants

We’ll help you explore the best employee health benefit plan options

We’ll help you explore the best options to offer competitive yet affordable employee benefit solutions. Carolina Benefit Consultants can assist you with comprehensive group medical, group dental, group vision plans and more. If you have 4-200 employees, we can design and administer group benefits that will give your company the edge. We’re a boutique-style brokerage firm – meeting you where you need us to be. We’ve worked with businesses in many industries, including manufacturing, restaurant, real estate, construction and more. And if you’re a start-up who’s not sure how to put a benefits plan in place, we can walk you through the process.

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Employee Benefits

Your employees expect good benefits

Since you’re in business to hire the best, you’ll need to offer a competitive employee benefit plan. We can compare and find a benefit plan that your employees will appreciate. During these challenging times, there is a lot of information to decipher. But you’re never alone. We’ll be with you throughout the process of enrolling and maintaining your plan.

As an experienced, independent benefits broker licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Massachusetts, we can help devise a plan that pleases your employees and meets your bottom-line requirements.

Why Choose CBC

We’ll help give you the edge

We can assist you with shopping rates and plans, providing comparisons and making recommendations. Carolina Benefit Consultants can get you started and run numbers as well as explain enrollment processes, claims and more. If you need assistance with employee terminations from a plan or COBRA, we’ll provide resolution.

We’re your liaison, doing the legwork for you and interfacing with your carrier. You deserve personalized service and attention to details. And that’s what we deliver. At Carolina Benefit Consultants, it is always our goal to delight you with exceptional customer service.

Who We Are

About Carolina Benefit Consultants

Founded in 2004, our trusted professionals will be with you at every step. We want to improve your experience with the employee benefits package your company offers.

We can provide HR assistance with COBRA, HIPAA and FMLA. We offer enrollment packets and provide all paperwork, forms, and explanations of benefits. We’ll assist you with the enrollment process. If you have any nagging problems, we’re here to help. Think of us as part of your team.

We work with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Principal, Allstate, Humana and many more.

Core Benefits

Your Dedicated Advocate

We’ll review what you are looking for and discuss all your options. We are here to support you through it all.

Attention To Details

There is no detail too small to demand our complete attention. Let us demonstrate the care we’ll take.

Consulting services

We’ll help you explore options and assess what is best for your company and employees. Your initial consultation is free.

Excellent Support

You’ll never have to wonder how your benefits plan is being serviced. Supporting you and your company is something we take seriously.

Personalized Benefit Plans

There is no “one size fits all” in employee benefit plans. Let us show you the difference CBC will make as an extension of your team.

Ease of Communication

Pick up the phone and call or email us. Whatever works best for you is what we’ll do

Professional, Friendly Service

Hello, how can we help you? Taking care of your business is what matters most to us.

Quick Response Times

Your time is precious, so we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Happy Employees Are More Productive!

Ready to get started or have questions?

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