Employee Benefit Balance Billing Tip

Employer Benefit Plans and those with individual plans, this will apply to you: Have you ever been "balance billed" by a doctor? It happens more than it should, what this means is that if you went to a provider your insurance company has contracted with to accept certain fee's for services from the insurance company, along with your co-pay, they are not allowed to "balance bill" you. This means they accept the copay & fee's for services rendered and write the rest off as a provider discount under the contract with your insurance company. They are not allowed to bill you for the portion they discounted. Some do - if it ever happens to you - call your insurance carrier such as BCBS, Aetna, etc. to make sure the bill is legit before paying for anything they bill you for if you feel it is questionable.  Some procedures will be applied to your deductible and Co-Insurance and you will be billed accordingly for those items, that is a separate thing all together. This is Carolina Benefit Consultants' little info give away for the day.

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